SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — A Utah man who had been in the middle of his one-year term as the president of the National Association of Realtors has resigned while denying allegations of improper sexual behaviors.

Kenny Parcell, 50, resigned two days after a Saturday, Aug. 26 New York Times story into the allegations. The NAR is also being sued by a former employee who previously had a consensual relationship with Parcell. Janelle Brevard said she was excluded from some meetings and trips after their relationship ended and has filed a racial and sexual discrimination suit. Brevard is Black and Parcell is white.

Further allegations surfaced that Parcell allegedly sent lewd photos and made inappropriate invitations to other employees.

Parcell has denied all allegations.

“My resignation comes after a series of accusations against me that are categorically false,” stated Parcell’s resignation letter, which was released by the NAR. “I am deeply troubled by those looking to tarnish my character and mischaracterize my well-intended actions. During this experience, I’ve opened myself to listening and looking for ways to improve myself, but all I can do is tell the truth. I’ve been shocked by these false accusations, hurtful words, whispers, and character assassination.”

On Aug. 27, the day after the Times story, a petition on appeared demanding Parcell’s resignation. As of Aug. 29, over 200 people have signed the petition. The petition, created by Jason Haber, claimed Parcell fostered a hostile work environment, had “disregard for women and women’s rights,” and had a lack of accountability among other complaints.

“Putting the organization and the Brand first comes with the title of President,” stated Parcell’s resignation letter. “Leadership is about making tough choices; this resignation signifies that I will put the organizations’ needs first to move forward above my own personal needs to stay in this position.”

NAR President-Elect Tracy Kasper, who wasn’t slated to take the president’s seat until November, has instead immediately started her term. She released the following statement, forwarded to ABC4 by NAR:

First, let me say, I’m incredibly sorry for what’s led us here.

We recognize there is lots of concern, anger and disappointment, and we want to acknowledge the people who have come forward and shared their stories and those of you who have shared your perspective over the past few days.

We have taken everything we have heard to heart. Our commitment to our staff and our members is unwavering, and we will continue to enhance the way we foster a welcoming, safe and respectful workplace. We will work to ensure the relationship between staff and members acknowledges not only staff expertise and their commitment to the association in addition to the members. The Culture Presidential Advisory Group we announced is one step forward in that. Bob Goldberg and his team also will be working in parallel with staff on their own culture council. We are looking to make lasting and positive change and to do so as quickly as possible.

It is important to all of us at NAR that we take this moment to learn and focus on building a culture of comradery where we can do the good work we are all so passionate about. And, when an issue arises, that we all feel safe to say something.

This is a really hard time for our association. But I know this is an opportunity to really listen and grow together. As your president, I take the responsibility of rebuilding very seriously. Know I’m here for you, as is the entire leadership team, and we will get through this together.

NAR President Tracy Kasper