SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah (ABC4 News) – Marcus Griffin is alive and well, which is a miracle after he was struck by lighting.

Marcus and his wife Laura were on their regular look in Eagle Mountain for a walk Sunday.  It is a walk they have done countless times.

But the normal turned into an emergency as he explained he suddenly “woke up and I was bleeding.  I wasn’t sure what happened.”

Marcus had been hit by lightning.

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Laura explained that while she was walking next to him she, “didn’t see it, we were walking and I heard loud noises and when I turned my husband was on the ground.”

The weather was fine when the couple began their walk, but about a half mile from their home the situation escalated.

Marcus explained, “I tried to stand up a few times, but they felt like they were knotted.  I couldn’t put any weight on them.”

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Marcus and Laura didn’t know what happened, but he was on the ground and could not get up.  Laura called 911 and a stranger nearby carried Marcus to the road.  There first responders flew him to the hospital where Marcus learned it was lightning that sent him to the ground.

Marcus said, “I had marking consistent with lighting, so the doctors said it was a lightning related injury.”

Marcus showed ABC4 News a picture of the Lichtenberg figures on his chest.  A physical sign of the electrical discharge of the lightning.  Marcus also has some scrapes, bruises and a ruptured ear drum.  But those wounds will heal, Marcus will be fine.  Which is really a miracle.

Marcus explained, “I consider myself very blessed and fortunate, considering the circumstances.”

Emily Clark
Emily Clark is happy to be home reporting the news for ABC 4 Utah. She has been a part of the ABC4 team since 2010.