SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – A man charged with killing his girlfriend in 2019 was sentenced to supervised probation following a trial. 

Steven Scruggs, now 50, was charged in 2019 with the second degree felony of manslaughter and the second degree felony of possession of a dangerous weapon. Scruggs had killed his girlfriend, 56-year-old Leticia Smith, in their Windsor Park Apartment located at 1800 West and 700 North in Salt Lake City.

In his trial, Scruggs pled no contest to the charge of manslaughter while the charge of possession of a dangerous weapon was dismissed with prejudice. 

The manslaughter conviction could have seen Scruggs serve up to 15 years in Utah State Prison. On Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2022, the prison term was suspended with credit for time served and Scruggs was placed on supervised probation for 48 months. 

The probation is to be supervised by Adult Probation and Parole with the “usual and ordinary conditions” required. Scruggs will be required to complete a substance abuse evaluation and a mental health evaluation.