UTAH (ABC4) – A Utah man who fled the scene of a fatal crash has been sentenced to a term of up to five years in Utah State Prison.

Thirty-year-old Miguel Angel Garcia pled guilty a Third-Degree Felony charge of Automobile Homicide Negligence with DUI as well as two Misdemeanor charges of Obstruction of Justice and Possession or Use of a Controlled Substance late May.

The judge sentenced Garcia on July 6 to up to five years in prison for the automobile homicide charge, as well as 364 days in jail for each misdemeanor charge.

The crash, which occurred in October of 2021, left 22-year-old Bianca Castaneda-Salazar dead at the scene.

As police responded to the accident, they found multiple beer bottles, heroin, and footprints that did not belong to Castaneda-Salazar.

According to arresting documents, the victim’s mother told investigators Garcia had called her saying that he had been driving drunk and woke up after falling asleep and thought the victim was under the car.

The aunt said the last time she saw her niece was in Las Vegas when Garcia came to her house to pick up her niece where they left to drive to Utah.

The victim’s black purse was also found in the room Garcia was staying in when authorities arrested him.