SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah (ABC4) – A Utah man faces 50 felony charges in relation to forgery after allegedly attempting to use a fraudulent check to pay for an item at a Smith’s grocery store.

On Friday, August 19 at approximately 1:24 p.m., a Saratoga Springs Police officer responded to a fraud in progress at a local Smith’s.

Before police arrived, the suspect reportedly left on foot and attempted to leave the area, but was found outside another business.

Officers then detained the suspect and took him back to Smith’s to obtain the fraudulent documents from the store’s employees, according to the affidavit of probable cause.

Police obtained “a fake ID, the fraud check, and an attempted purchase receipt from Smith’s management,” according to the statement.

Police say the ID and check contained a fake name, but a correct photo for the individual, as well as a signature.

Upon searching the suspect, police found a wallet that contained his accurate ID, which identified him as 27-year-old Daniel Gill.

Upon completing a state names search on Gill, police found that he had over 40 warrants for his arrest out of Salt Lake County, “many of which were related to fraud and drugs,” according to the statement.

When police interviewed Gill about the incident, he reportedly first told officers that he had been driven by someone else to Smith’s, but officers found keys to a vehicle in a nearby parking lot. When asked about this, Gill reportedly “could not remember” what he had told police.

Gill “eventually admitted to driving the vehicle,” according to the statement, but it was not registered to him and he “claimed it was a rental car that he had crashed” and was “attempting to fix.”

After towing the vehicle, police found five drug paraphernalia materials, a checkbook with 44 checks and five additional fake IDs with various names and photos.

Gill has since been booked into Utah County Jail on five counts of identity theft, five counts of possession of paraphernalia and 45 counts of forgery.

No further information is currently available.