CLEARFIELD, Utah (ABC4 News) A Utah man has been charged with over two dozen felonies after authorities say he ran a large-scale drug operation in Clearfield.

Theodore Alexander Starr-Smith, 38, was charged last week with 10 second-degree felony counts of possession of a firearm by a restricted person, two second-degree felony counts of theft by receiving stolen property, and three second-degree felony counts of drug possession with the intent to distribute, along with misdemeanor counts of drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia,

Charging documents state the the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) received information that
Starr-Smith was distributing THC products and fentanyl.

Investigators then watched Starr-Smith’s residence in Clearfield, and a lot of “short term traffic” where people would frequent the home for just a brief time and then leave. During this time, police officers would also conducted traffic stops and located THC products, documents state.

On August 12, SBI and Homeland Security (HSI) agents served a search warrant at two storage units rented by Starr-Smith’s girlfriend in Davis County. Inside the storage units, police located two firearms and packaging material for THC products.

Police then returned to the suspect’s home, where they located Starr-Smith at home, along with his mother and two young children.

“When he opened the door a distinct smell of marijuana emitted from the home,” charging documents state.

During a search of the home, after a warrant was granted, agents found evidence of a large-scale drug distribution operation in the kitchen.

In all, agents located 23 pounds of marijuana, 3.55 pounds of THC wax, 346 THC cartridges, psilocybin mushroom chocolate, 12 grams of cocaine, and packaging materials, molds for THC edibles, and empty baggies.

Agents also located a handgun inside of a room which appeared to belong to children. Agents found seven additional firearms, two which had been reported as stolen, inside an RV parked near the home. Starr-Smith is a convicted felon and restricted from owning any firearms.

Starr-Smith told police that his DNA would be on the firearms because he teaches his children how to use guns properly. Defendant indicated the firearms belonged to his children, although one of his children asked him why the officers were taking “his guns,” according to the documents.