PLEASANT GROVE. Utah (ABC4) – A Utah man has been arrested after he allegedly tried to kill his ex-wife with vice grips in Utah County.

According to police, officers were dispatched to an open 911 call in Pleasant Grove on Sunday when dispatch advised a female was screaming for help. Authorities say dispatch could hear another person hitting the woman during an argument and a struggle through the phone call.

According to authorities, when an officer arrived on the scene there were two people on the floor of the garage. Officers say there was a large amount of blood on the ground around the woman and vice grips were covered in blood near the male suspect.

Police say the female had severe injuries to her head and was transported to the hospital where she was then moved to the intensive care unit with severe head trauma and bleeding from the brain.

Authorities say Ronald Pace stated openly without being questioned that he was going to kill the woman. Pace was medically cleared by police and booked into jail with charges of attempted murder, criminal mischief, damage and interruption to a communication device, intoxication and violation of a protective order.