Utah man arrested for assaulting officer after threatening his father with a knife

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WENDOVER, Utah (News4utah) – A Utah man was arrested in Wendover Sunday after threatening his father with a knife and assaulting an officer while in custody. 

Wendover Police Department said one of their officer was sitting near the 200 block of Wendover Boulevard when a man driving a blue Hyundai Santa Fe pulled up next to him and quickly excited the car. When the officer approached the man, he said his son was in the car and had a knife and had threatened him. 

The officer approached the car where 30-year-old Kevin Matthew Naranjo was sitting in the front passenger seat. He was able to convince Naranjo to exit the vehicle but because the man was exhibiting concerning behavior, the officer attempted to place him in the back of his patrol vehicle. Naranjo resisted and pushed the officer and attempted to get away from the officer during the incident. The officer was able to eventually get Naranjo into the back of the patrol vehicle. 

Inside the suspects car, the officer found multiple glass pipes consistent with drug use and a glass bottle of alcohol laying on the driver’s floor.

Naranjo’s father said he was driving back to Salt Lake City when his son became upset and started
making verbal threats towards him and then pulled a knife out of his pocket and sat it on the dash of the vehicle. Naranjo then took the knife off the dash and folded it back up before again displaying the blade of the knife and making a stabbing motion towards his dad multiple times. The father said Naranjo then reached into his backpack and began throwing objects, including glass pipes, at him as he was driving and that is when he decided to pull over. 

As Naranjo was taken into the police department he continued to be combative and while being searched, he headbutted the officer. Naranjo was transported to the Tooele County Jail where he was booked  on charges of possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, and assault on a police officer.

The injured officer was treated by Wendover EMS.

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