Utah man arrested for assaulting a Delta flight attendant, forcing an emergency landing

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (Madeline Marr, Miami Herald) – Things got a little crazy on a red-eye Delta Airlines flight headed to Orlando from Salt Lake City early Friday, according to Miami Herald.

According to a report from the Oklahoma City Police Department, passenger Derek Maas of Clearfield, Utah, was arrested after the plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City due to the individual’s wild mile high behavior.

Sgt. Gary Knight, assistant public information office for the OCPD, told the Miami Herald that police were called at around 2 a.m. saying that there was a “violent passenger” aboard and the aircraft had to be diverted.

Once at the airport, police spoke with the crew as well as fellow passengers who reported that Maas had had numerous drinks before getting on the airplane.

Once up in the air, Maas proceeded to get more and more uppity and asked for more alcohol even though he clearly had had enough. Knight said that a flight attendant initially denied his request for more, but then to keep him “calm,” gave him two more drinks. The cocktails did not calm him down, said Knight, adding that Maas became even “more belligerent.”

She then cut him off for good. After Maas called the flight attendant a “profane” name, a male attendant stepped in to talk to Maas, who then started arguing with him, eventually headbutting the steward. Other passengers then stepped in to assist and the suspect was restrained with zip ties.

Upon speaking with Maas, cops found him to be “heavily intoxicated,” said Knight, adding that “nobody was seriously hurt.”

He was charged with public drunkenness but may face other charges as the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI are now investigating.

“He’s not through,” said Knight of the Utah man.

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