RICH COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A man has been arrested after allegedly trying to run his neighbor over with a car in Rich County on Friday.

The Rich County Sheriff’s Office has identified the suspect as Matthew Ryan Morris, 27.

Deputies say the incident happened at a residence located near 88 S 100 W in Woodruff. The victim told authorities Morris tried to run him over with his car, but the victim managed to jump out of the way before being struck.

When authorities arrived at the scene, they witnessed Morris opening his garage door and backing out in his vehicle. Authorities moved in and apprehended Morris.

While arresting Morris, deputies went through his mobile phone and discovered a series of texts sent to his mother. A video recording of the altercation between Morris and his neighbor was discovered.

Authorities say in the video, Morris is seen remaining in the victim’s driveway for over eight minutes, “honking his car horn repeatedly and yelling out profanities and threats towards the victim.”

Upon investigating, deputies discovered Morris has previously contacted local dispatchers over two dozen times, complaining of people and the U.S. Government harassing him, along with accusations that the government “is using technology to send vibrations ‘into his crotch’ and using ‘nanobots’ to spy on him.”

While searching through Morris’ phone, officials found multiple videos showing Morris harassing different neighbors with “profanities and threat of violence, including blocking the State Highway through Woodruff with his vehicle and detaining a minor female against her will. These cases are still under investigation and charges are forthcoming.”

Morris has been arrested on two charges including attempted murder and disorderly conduct (unreasonable noises in a public place).

He is currently booked at the Rich County Jail.