UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A man has been arrested after allegedly running over another driver during a road rage incident on Saturday.

Springville Police Department (SVPD) says the suspect is Edward James Haisten, 55.

Officers first spotted Haisten driving recklessly on the eastbound lanes of Center Street in Mapleton. Police say Haisten’s car was speeding and smoke was seen coming out of the car’s tailpipe.

Authorities say the speed limit in the area is 30 mph and Haisten was driving around 50 mph.

When police spotted Haisten, he was seen making an abrupt right turn while being followed by another speeding truck.

As the officer turned his car around to follow the two drivers, he eventually lost sight of them. The officer received a call from the truck driver a minute later, reporting a hit-and-run crash involving Haisten.

The truck driver claims Haisten had struck him earlier after a road rage incident on SR-51 in South Springville.

The victim says during that incident, Haisten followed him as he pulled his truck over on 100 East, north of 200 South. When the truck driver exited his vehicle, he saw Haisten driving towards him, but he didn’t slow down. The truck driver says Haisten kept driving and eventually struck him with his car. The impact broke Haisten’s windshield in the process.

Haisten then fled the scene, speeding away. Eventually, officers located Haisten and took him into custody.

During the arrest, police noticed a strong alcoholic odor emanating from Haisten. Haisten admitted to drinking before driving. A blood-alcohol test showed Haisten was over the legal limit.

Police say Haisten was arrested for two DUI convictions within the past decade and his driving privileges were currently revoked at the time of the arrest. Haisten is required to have an ignition interlock device in any vehicle he is driving and he did not have one installed at the time.