SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A man has been arrested after allegedly stabbing his ex-girlfriend with a butcher knife in front of their six-year-old child on Monday.

Taylorsville Police have identified the suspect as Aaron Kyle Sealy, 28.

Officers say three victims were involved in this case — the suspect’s ex-girlfriend, the ex-girlfriend’s new girlfriend and a six-year-old child. The child’s parents are the suspect and his ex-girlfriend.

Police say the suspect, Sealy, arrived at his ex-girlfriend’s apartment after exchanging heated texts about child custody. Officers say Sealy knocked on the door, demanding to see his child.

Concerned for her safety, the ex-girlfriend called the police. The victim says Sealy left the apartment and returned again with a “large torque wrench” and used it to break the sliding glass door to her apartment. 

When Sealy entered, police say the victim ran to the opposite side of the apartment and locked herself in a room. She told her girlfriend to hide in the bathroom. Meanwhile, police say the six-year-old child was watching everything unfold.

Police say Sealy broke into his victim’s room while holding a large butcher knife and began trying to stab her. The victim sustained “a deep laceration to her thumb” and injuries on her “abdomen where the knife was nearly plunged into her.”

As screaming was heard, the victim’s girlfriend reportedly left the bathroom where she was hiding and “surprised” Sealy, tackling him onto the bed.

Police say the girlfriend held Sealy down so the victim and her child could escape. During the scuffle, the girlfriend “suffered two lacerations to her hands caused by the knife” Sealy was holding.

Sealy allegedly broke free from the girlfriend’s attack and ran outside looking for the victim and her child. Police say he drove across the street and discovered the victim’s vehicle. Police say Sealy “slashed 3 tires, broke out one fog light, and broke out the rear window and driver side rear window.”

During his arrest, Sealy told police he “has severe medical conditions which are terminal.” Sealy told officers “everything is coming down on him” and mentioned he had “intended to commit suicide by cop.”

Sealy told police with his child being taken away, paired with his terminal illness, he “has nothing left to lose.”

He was arrested on six charges including aggravated assault, domestic violence in the presence of a child, criminal mischief and more. He is currently booked at the Salt Lake County Jail.

Sealy had a previous violent arrest on June 25, 2021, when he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend by swinging and hitting the woman in the head.

Arrest documents say Sealy was upset after the victim picked him up from his dialysis treatment with her friends in tow. He reportedly wanted to spend time with her alone and became upset.

When Sealy became violent towards the victim, a nearby friend placed himself between the victim and Sealy. During this time, Sealy began wrestling the friend and bit him on the chest, leaving a large, bleeding injury.

Sealy was arrested during this incident on two charges of assault.