WOODS CROSS, Utah (ABC4) – An 18-year-old Davis County man has been arrested for allegedly torturing several animals and posting videos of it.

The arresting affidavit shows Samuel Webster was booked into the Davis County Jail on five counts of intentional or knowingly aggravated cruelty to animals. This comes after at least 17 videos of Webster allegedly torturing and killing guinea pigs were found on YouTube.

Investigators say the videos showed Webster pulling the animals’ hair and eyes out, breaking their bones, and other abusive actions. Some of the videos also show the guinea pigs, dead, with titles including ‘Fatality,’ ‘K.O.,’ and ‘torture is addicting,’ among other things.

The Davis County Sheriff’s Office says they were able to identify Webster as the owner of the YouTube account. When they searched his home, they found items seen in the video, animal remains, and weapons.

Webster allegedly purchased four guinea pigs at a pet store in recent weeks. No live animals were found when the search warrant was served.