FARMINGTON, Utah (ABC4) – A Utah man was taken into custody after multiple women reported that he had injured them and killed some of their pets.

Court records show 20-year-old Caden Michael Biesinger was arrested in Davis County for rape, two counts of aggravated assault, three counts of assault causing injury, one count of assault, eight counts of torture of a companion animal, and one count of harassment.

According to one victim, Biesinger killed four of their cats over a two-month period and repeatedly abused their dog. The victim says they even turned the dog over to the humane society out of fear of future abuse.

The victim told investigators Biesinger had abused them multiple times. On different occasions, he even allegedly used a rubber mallet and a Samurai sword. She says she found conversations between Biesinger and underaged girls on his phone as well.

A second victim reported multiple incidents of Biesinger abusing animals, including a number of incidents that turned deadly. This victim also reported numerous incidents of abuse by Biesinger.

A third victim shared similar reports with investigators.

Biesinger was booked into the Davis County Jail in early August on 16 charges – five misdemeanors and 11 felonies.