UTAH (ABC4) – Utah leaders are expressing their thoughts and condolences to those affected by the mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas Tuesday afternoon.

Eighteen students and one adult were killed in the shooting.

The shooter, identified as 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, was also killed.

Ramos is also believed to have shot his grandmother before the shooting at the school, according to a report from CNN.

Here in Utah, leaders took to social media to express their thoughts and condolences on Tuesday’s tragic events in the city located just outside San Antonio:

Senator Mitt Romney:

“Grief overwhelms the soul. Children slaughtered. Lives extinguished. Parents’ hearts wrenched. Incomprehensible. I offer prayer and condolence but know that it is grossly inadequate. We must find answers. “

Senator Mike Lee:

“My heart breaks at the tragic news from Texas today. I pray for the victims, their families, and for our nation at this difficult time.”

Lt. Governor Deidre Henderson

“What a horror. My heart goes out to the people of Uvalde, especially the families of these victims. Fourteen children and a teacher. Incomprehensible.”

Governor Spencer Cox and Lieutenant Governor Deidre Henderson issued the following joint statement:

“We are absolutely devastated to learn about the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas. It’s hard to imagine a more heinous crime, and we pray for the students, educators, families, law enforcement officers, and everyone impacted by this senseless act of violence. Even as we mourn for the victims, we urge parents and students to download the SAFEUT app and to say something if you see warning signs.”

Rep. Burgess Owens

“As a father and a grandfather, I am horrified by this senseless tragedy and heartbroken for these innocent children and their families. May God be with the Uvalde, Texas community. This is every parent’s worst nightmare.”