SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Convenience store giant Maverik will be doubling in size after acquiring Kum & Go and Solar Transport from Krause Group in a merger deal that closed this week.

Maverick, which already had 400 locations in 12 states across the West will now expand its footprint to 800 stores across 20 states in the Midwest and Rocky Mountains, employing 14,000 workers according to the company.

Maverik will be rebranding existing Kum & Go stores in the areas where the two brands overlap, including in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, and Wyoming. That effort will begin in January 2024, affecting around 120 to 140 stores — or about a third of the Kum & Go locations, according to media talking points provided by Maverik. The company is taking a “test and learn” approach to other locations, deciding whether stores outside Maverik’s footprint should remain Kum & Go branded.

The Krause Group, based in Des Moines, Iowa, is also bringing additional tank truck carriers and logistics providers under the Solar Transport brand into Maverik’s operation. Maverik is also planning to have a corporate “base camp” in Des Moines similar to the one here in Salt Lake City.

Maverik has also announced a $50,000 donation to the Des Moines Public Schools Foundation and “will provide fresh fruits, vegetables, and toiletries at Des Moines Public Schools 53 food pantries in schools across the district.”

“We are excited to welcome Kum & Go and Solar Transport Team Members to Maverik,” said
Maverik CEO Chuck Maggelet. “Together, we’ll offer our customers an adventurous and differentiated convenience store experience across fuel, foodservice, and inside-store offerings. We look forward to using our combined resources to grow our business and further elevate our product offerings to provide the best service to our customers.”