UTAH (ABC4) – A new report from WalletHub reveals 2022’s most gambling-addicted states and Utah comes up last.

Although gambling is prohibited by law in Utah, it still exists. There are recreational gamblers and social gamblers who may take that rare casino trip or bet every once in a while on fantasy sports.

In some instances, gambling can also become a medical condition. Gambling disorder affects about one to three percent of U.S. adults, according to WalletHub.

In fact, the gambling industry had record-breaking profits last year during the pandemic.

Gambling may not be a huge problem in Utah, but you can’t say the same for other states.

According to the report, the most gambling-addicted state is Nevada followed by South Dakota and Montana.

Utah has the lowest lottery sales per capita, as well as the fewest gaming machines per capita.

(Courtesy: WalletHub)
(Courtesy: WalletHub)