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Utah House explains how a law is made in ‘fresh’ video

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Utah House rap video

SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah)- Members of the Utah House of Representatives gave a “fresh” twist to the Schoolhouse Rock days with their latest video.

The video, set to the theme song from the 90’s favorite “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, is called “Fresh Prints of Bills Here”.

Speaker Greg Hughes, Rep. Michael Kennedy, Rep. Francis Gibson, Rep. Kim Coleman, Rep. Mike Winder, Rep. Christine Watkins, Rep. Norman Thurston, Rep. Travis Seegmiller, Rep. Michael Noel, Rep. Mike McKell, Rep. James Dunnigan, Rep. John Westwood, Rep. Tim Quinn, Rep. Jefferson Moss, Rep. Marc Roberts, Rep. Brad Wilson, Rep. Susan Duckworth, Chief of Staff Greg Hartley, Rep. Val Peterson, and Rep. John Knotwell all have speaking parts in the video. 


Now this is a story all about how our bills get flipped into a law. I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you how a bill becomes a law in this, our Chamber.

In a legislator’s mind an idea is raised. In the lawbook is where they spend most of their days.

Draftin’ out, maxin’ out, hardly relaxin’ all cool, and all introducing bills inside of House Chambers.

When more than a couple of guys start reviewing the bill. Started makin’ changes in committee on the Hill.

They may get in one little fight but it’s just cuz they care.

They say we’re movin’ this bill back to the floor and we’ll argue it there.

Speaker Hughes whistles for a vote and the answer is clear and the bill passes and goes over to the Senate to hear.

If it passes the Senate then the bill was probably fair. 

You thought it was law, but it’s just not quite there. It goes up to the Governor to determine its fate.

If it’s good Herbert might even be signing it later. 

Look at that bill. It’s finally there.

Sittin’ as law ready to be declared.

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