HELPER, Utah (ABC4) – Fire crews tackled a house fire caused by a massive propane explosion in Helper. 

The Helper Fire Department says the incident occurred inside a mountain residence located near the Colton area.

When firefighters arrived at the scene, they discovered the explosion was caused by a propane grill located outside of the home’s kitchen area.

While investigating, officials determined a malfunction in the grill caused propane gas to settle in the cabinet area it was mounted on, creating the perfect deadly conditions.

When an ignition source came into contact with the propane, a massive explosion was triggered.

Fire authorities say one person sustained minor injuries during the incident and was transported to a local hospital for injury treatment.

“This serves as a reminder that with summer in full swing, propane grilles are being used,” says Helper Fire officials. “Please be careful and inspect your propane appliances to ensure they are safe to use.”