Utah gas prices 8th highest in nation

Local News

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) – Gas prices in Utah have risen 50 cents in the last month, and drivers are starting to notice an impact. Businesses say it’s starting to hit their bottom line.

Drivers like Rick Pellum said thankfully his work pays for the fuel in his van for work as an electrician. Although when he has to drive his personal truck, he has to consider the price.

“We look to see what the gas prices are for the weekend, and if they’re high than we stay close,” said Pellum.

According to AAA Utah currently has the 8th highest price in the country for a gallon of regular. Fuel hasn’t been at this price since July of 2015. Experts believe we could see $3 a gallon in a few weeks.

Marci Rasmussen is the owner of Especially for You Flowers in Salt Lake City. She said the higher fuel prices so far are already eating into profits every week.

“I would say $75 to $125 between the three vehicles,” said Rasmussen.

She notes it’s not just impacting her direct customers who want deliveries. Prices are going up throughout the supply chain.

“Not only do we pay more for our gas, we also start getting service fuel charges from the people that deliver to us,” said Rasmussen.

The flower shop will try to absorb the cost for now, but Rasmussen said if prices continue to rise it she’ll have to raise delivery fees.

Higher oil prices are often impacted by the upcoming peak driving season, and conflicts overseas. Higher prices also impact the cost of tires and motor oil which.

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