ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4) – A good samaritan presented a surprising package to Utah animal rescuers on Monday — a baby red-tailed hawk.

Rescuers at RSQ, a Utah-based animal nonprofit, say the baby hawk had fallen out of its nest. 

Experts at Best Friends Wildlife Rehab Center advised the best course of action would be to return the baby hawk back to its nest.

Unfortunately, the hawk’s nest was so high up in the trees that professional reinforcement was needed. The St. George Fire Department was contacted, but rescuers were not sure whether help would be received.

(Courtesy of RSQ)

“One of our volunteers had the great idea to call the Fire Department,” says RSQ. “We know how busy they are and didn’t think they would say yes…. BUT THEY DID!”

Firefighters rolled in with a firetruck, but unfortunately the ladder wasn’t quite tall enough to reach the nest. After bringing in a second truck, firefighters were able to safely reunite the baby hawk with its mother.

“These amazing men were able to place this precious baby back into his nest where his very anxious mama was waiting to welcome him back,” rescuers say. “We wanted to say THANK YOU to the St. George Fire Department- Utah! You are all heroes for the work you do every day. And we are grateful to you for going above and beyond!”

RSQ Animal Rescue is a team “focused on saving animals in rural Utah where there is no animal control and limited resources for pets.”