WASHINGTON (News4Utah)- While most people attended Fourth of July festivities in their neighborhood, a Utah family went all the way to the nation’s capital to celebrate.

The Lyon family of five from Newton, Utah took part in watching the 4th of July parade.

Liz Lyon is the mom of the bunch.

“So my eldest son just graduated and so he is going to be leaving soon and we wanted to have one last really big exciting vacation,” said Liz.

She says her family’s LDS faith played a decision on why they are vacationing in the Capital.

“We wanted to show the kids we are very patriotic, and we wanted to see the founding of our nation,” she added.

From the Washington Monument to the Library of Congress, the Lyon family made the best of their nine days in D.C.

“I like being in D.C. so far, I like learning about all the memorials and stuff,” 9th grade Jacob Lyon said. 

The Lyon family has a message for the rest of Utah:

“Come to D.C. it’s really fun,” 10th grader Matthew Lyon said.