SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – According to the Utah Coronavirus Dashboard updated Thursday, the average daily COVID-19 case count is going up. In the last 28 days, unvaccinated Utahns had a COVID-19 incidence rate of 27.3, fully vaccinated people had an incidence rate of 17.7, and boosted people had an incidence rate of 32.1.

“But the rate of people going to the hospital is lower than earlier waves,” said Dr. Leisha Nolen, Utah state Epidemiologist.

Dr. Nolen said numbers from the end of December of last year to now show unvaccinated people have the highest rate of COVID infections. While boosted people have the lowest rate. She said recent numbers could be a reflection of who is getting tested.

“It’s quite possible that who is being tested are the people who have underlying medical conditions, are more concerned about their health, are more engaged with the medical community, and that’s more likely to be people who are boosted,” said Dr. Nolen.

She also says hospitalization rates and death rates are higher in unvaccinated people than in fully vaccinated or boosted people. Current data shows the hospitalization rate at 0.6 for boosted people, 0.7 for fully vaccinated people, and 1.1 for unvaccinated people.

“The infections we’re seeing post boost or post-vaccine are much more mild than what we see with people that are completely unprotected,” said Dr. Nolen.

While the outcomes of covid infections are much better than in previous waves, Dr. Nolen says it’s important for people to stay safe and vigilant.

“A lot of people have gone back to normal practices and regular activities, and that’s going to put people in places where they’re going to be exposed,” said Dr. Nolen.