Utah DPS captures dramatic helicopter rescue on camera

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SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) — It was a moment of truth for crews desperately trying to save a Utah man, who fell 30 feet while rock climbing in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

“You don’t see this type of fall happen all too often,” said Sergeant Wyatt Weber, one of the rescuers. “Usually two to three times a year we’ll see something to this extent.”

New video from the Utah Department of Public Safety shows the remarkable rescue. Crews say one of the anchors the man used for safety came loose, and he fell on his head.

“Now he was hanging upside down from his harness with a potential back injury and head injury, bleeding from his injury,” said Sergeant Weber.

For a moment, Sergeant Weber thought the man was paralyzed.

“He said, ‘I can feel sensation in my legs,'” said Sergeant Weber. “We were pretty happy he was able to answer all the questions.”

Sergeant Weber says the man’s helmet may have saved his life.

“This was pretty dramatic,” said Sergeant Weber. “He had a helmet on. There was a pretty decent – probably a two to three-inch contusion in the helmet, which probably saved his life – that helmet.”

Sergeant Weber says he doesn’t consider himself a hero; however, he does feel fortunate that he witnessed a miracle.

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