Utah doctor facing manslaughter charges in husband’s death wants case dismissed

Local News

SALT LAKE COUNTY (News4Utah) – A doctor accused of manslaughter wants her case dismissed.

Doctor Ina Amber is accused of providing prescription drugs to her husband who died from a mixture of alcohol and those same drugs.

 Prosecutors claim her husband was not able to care for himself and depended on others for basic care.

The Medical Examiner determined he died from alcohol and a detox drug. Prosecutors claim Amber supplied both her husband.

Her attorneys now want the case missed and will seek a new judge to hear their request.

“We don’t believe she’s committed a crime. We believe she endured years and years of abuse at the hands of her husband and all she was trying to do was save his life…because he was a chronic alcoholic and drank himself to oblivion,” said Mark Moffatt, defense attorney.

During a recent preliminary hearing, the judge found there was enough evidence for Dr. Amber to stand trial on the manslaughter charges. Both sides will be back in August to argue whether the case should be dismissed.

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