SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — The Utah Department of Corrections is teaming up with a pair of organizations to help 30 low-level offenders who have paid their debts to society to get their records expunged.

UDC, along with Rasa Legal and Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Awareness, are working to donate 30 free expungements, and they plan to launch a Second Chance Fund to help get government costs covered for those who qualify. The initiative is part of National Recovery Month.

“Expunging a criminal record is a key part of getting a job,” said Rasa Legal founder and CEO Noella Sudbury. “Linking people to good employment opportunities is one of the most effective ways to keep people crime-free, and our communities safe.”

“Starting with a clear record can help people move forward with their lives without the limitations and stigma of their past,” said USARA executive director Mary Jo McMillen.

Individuals with records who want to be considered to receive one of the 30 free expungements can use Rasa’s eligibility tool for free at by entering the code RECOVERY.

Our organizations are also urging community members to donate to the Second Chance fund throughout the month of September at

Sudbury said 63 percent of people who get expungements are more likely to get a job interview, and they can make 22 percent more in wages one year after expungement.

“That`s what corrections is all about — working together as a department, and with community partners, to produce the strongest outcomes possible for the community,” said UDC executive director Brian Redd. “Preparing someone to take advantage of a second chance is the ultimate goal.”