UTAH (ABC4) – As of today, in-person visits at the Utah State Prison and Central Utah Correctional Facility have been suspended.

Authorities in affiliation with the Utah Department of Corrections do not expect the termination of in-person visits to be long-term.  

Officials are requesting that those with a visiting appointment in the near future do not show up. The visiting team is working on contacting those with standing appointments to update them on the current situation. 

Unfortunately, although staff members have done their part by implementing COVID-19 protocols and sticking to them themselves, UDC facilities have still been contaminated, and the number of COVID-19 cases among inmates is on the rise. Within both facilities, several housing units remain in quarantine status. 

Since prisons are deemed as congregate living environments, stricter isolation and quarantine protocols are required to assure the safety of both staff members and inmates.

The Department will continue to provide regular updates on its website and on social media.