Utah Department of Agriculture and Food allowing restaurants to repackage and resell foods to the public for 30 days

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – As part of Utah’s COVID-19 response, the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, UDAF in conjunction with Governor Gary R. Herbert’s Office will now allow restaurants to repackage and resell raw and prepackaged foods in their inventories to the public for the next 30 days.

“During these unprecedented times it is necessary to take steps that provide retailers an opportunity to remain viable and ensure an alternate source for the public to obtain food necessities,” said Kelly Pehrson, Deputy Commissioner, UDAF.

UDAF officials say participating restaurants must adhere to all public health regulations administered by their local health department and the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food.

UDAF says the regulations include the following: 


  • All food production will be conducted in a manner that prevents to possibility of cross contamination between raw and ready to eat foods. 


  • A restaurant may only resale commodities direct to the end consumer and shall not resale or wholesale commodities to other businesses other than their own.


  • Raw meat and poultry are required to be sold by weight.
  • Prepackaged foods which are sold by weight require net weight in avoirdupois pound or ounce.
  • Use of an NTEP certified scale is required. 
  • Repacked and resell items for the public for pick up only


  • Vacuum packaging of Time and Temperature Controlled foods (TCS food) is restricted and requires a HACCP Plan for each type of item sold.


All repackaged food requires the following: 

  • Statement of Identity of the food – the common or usual name of the food,

·        Declaration of Responsibility – the name and place of business of the food manufacturer, packer, or distributor,

  • Net Weight – Prepackaged foods which are sold by weight requires net weight in avoirdupois pound or ounce.
  • Ingredient or allergen information shall be provided for multi-ingredient, prepackaged food items.   
  • Prepackaged, Time and Temperature Controlled for Safety (TCS) foods shall be labeled with the term “Keep Refrigerated”, provide “Safe Handling Instructions” and a “Use by Date” that does not exceed 7 days from the time of packaging. 
  • Labeling informing consumers to use or freeze the food within 7 days, may be utilized.

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