SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – In April, the Utah Democratic Party launched an investigation into sexual harassment claims against a party leader. At the time, the party apologized for mishandling the claims dating back to 2017, and how it treated the woman involved.

It took several months, but the investigation into claims by several women against Rob Miller is complete.

Miller opens up about the investigation saying, “It is frustrating, but I do feel vindicated. I’m hoping it is over.”

In April, ABC4 asked Utah Democratic Party Communications Director Joshua Rush about the allegations and why they were allowed to continue?

Rush responded, “You’re right, I mean, this was a mistake on behalf of the party. We should have heard these women out in the first place. And this is our mea culpa, we want to move forward, and we want to get an investigation done, and we are going to do it right coming forward.”

“I always said I would go through with the investigation,” Miller told ABC4, Tuesday.

Miller says he was investigated three times for the allegations.

In a statement, the Utah Democratic Party explains why officials can’t comment saying, “Due to the confidentiality clauses put forward by the Utah Democratic Party and signed by the complainants, we’re entirely unable to comment in any way on this matter.”

Miller says that’s because the complainants never testified or provided proof of their claims. Adding, “Every single time we got to that point where we could tell the story, where we could finish this, the same people who pushed it through stopped it cold and would not testify.”

Miller says the latest investigation sent him to the hospital, he is currently undergoing therapy, but it’s brought him closer to his family.

“So how do I move on?” he says, “By knowing I’m innocent, and by holding my head high like I’ve tried to do throughout this process.”

Miller says he has no plans to be a part of the Utah Democratic Party moving forward.