WASHINGTON COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Two people have been arrested after allegedly taking police on a pursuit with a baby on board.

Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) says the suspects are Hector Ruiz Godoy, 22, and Mary Mahuinga Danielle Niu, 21.

Troopers initially stopped the duo along I-15 near milepost 6 in Washington County due to an expired car registration.

When deputies tried pulling them over, the suspects fled, hitting speeds of up to 100 mph. UHP says they drove through an off-ramp and barreled through a red light while continuing to flee.

Later on, troopers spotted the suspects near milepost 51. UHP tried to “cold spike” the vehicle, but the suspects swerved successfully and avoided the maneuver.

At one point, authorities say the suspects drove over 95 miles per hour in an 80 mile per hour zone. UHP says the suspects were driving erratically, tailgating and changing lanes without signaling. Troopers were eventually able to spike the car and apprehend the suspects.

While arresting the duo, deputies discovered a five-month-old was inside the vehicle. The child belonged to the couple, according to arresting documents.

Upon questioning, the female suspect admitted they were knowingly fleeing from authorities and willingly made no effort to stop the male suspect driver.

UHP says the vehicle had no insurance and hadn’t been registered since the previous owner sold the car in 2019. The previous owner’s old license plates were still attached to the vehicle.

During a vehicle warrant search, approximately 1 gram of THC wax was located inside a marijuana dispensary bag, arresting documents show.

The male suspect has been arrested on seven charges including reckless driving, failure to stop at the command of police, reckless endangerment, operating a vehicle without insurance, possession of a controlled substance and more.

The female suspect was arrested on one charge of reckless endangerment.

Both are currently booked at the Iron County Sheriff’s Office.