Utah couple captured in Mexico; locals who knew them speak out

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MEXICO (ABC4 News) – A Cache County man and woman accused of a double murder in Texas have been arrested, according to authorities.

Adam Williams and Amanda Noverr are from the Logan area and locals say they’ve had several run-ins with the law.

Williams and Noverr had been on the run since Texas authorities discovered a New Hampshire couple’s bodies, buried in a shallow grave.

Authorities released the identities of the Cache County couple last seen crossing into Mexico in the vehicle owned by James and Michelle Butler whose bodies were found last week on Padre Island in Kleberg County.

Wednesday, those suspicions were confirmed with Williams and Noverr’s arrest in Mexico.

Williams and Noverr who have ties to Logan apparently left the Northern Utah community last month, running from the law.

A background check for Williams shows he was charged with multiple felonies related to sexual assaults on a woman in Cache County and aggravated assault.

But now, there are two warrants for his arrest. He failed to appear in court Monday on one of the charges and failed to show up last month on the assault charge.

Amanda Noverr has a lengthy misdemeanor criminal history in Cache County too. It includes assault and disorderly conduct.

Neighbor, Mandee, said she hasn’t seen the couple at their home in Logan for over a month. But since the couple moved in, she said she’s been concerned with Williams’ criminal past.

“He had just gotten out of prison, he had been arrested several times, he had DUIs, he couldn’t drive himself anywhere,” Mandee said. “I think that he should have been detained, that they should have, with all those issues coming right out of prison, I don’t think he should have been out in the public.”

Learning of Williams and Noverr’s situation, Mandee says she’s shocked but feels the justice system should have done better.

“I think that those two poor people that were murdered that he’s a suspect for, I don’t think that they should have ever been killed because I don’t think he should have been out,” Mandee said.

A Cache Valley resident who wants to remain anonymous said William’s life changed when he watched his father commit suicide.

“Ever since then Adam kinda took a bad direction and it’s messed him up ever since. Up until then, he was a great little guy,” the resident said.

Others anonymous community members spoke to ABC4 News on their reactions to William and Noverrs arrest:

“Surprised – yes and no. I mean I wouldn’t expect them to kill someone but they were always the ones in trouble and looking to rebel,” one man wrote.

“Yes, I was surprised to see her name related to this…From a distance she hasn’t appeared to make the best choices in her partners but that hasn’t ever been my business,” one woman wrote. “Amanda, to me, had always been very sweet, very accepting and very fun to be around…We were really close for several years growing up, but grew apart when we started going to different schools and her mom passed away I think when we were in our sophomore year of high school. I know that was a big blow to her but again by that point we already had some distance there…Honestly, I don’t think she would be involved in anything like this if it weren’t for her relationship with this Adam guy.”

Now, whether Williams will ever face charges in Cache County remains to be seen. For now, the priority will be on the double murders in Texas.

As of Wednesday night, it’s uncertain whether the couple is in a Mexico jail or are being transported to Texas.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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