UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – The Utah County Sheriff’s Office (UCSO) is reminding residents to be wary of phone calls requesting money after two residents lost over $1,000 due to scams.

According to the UCSO, scammers are posing as “Lieutenant Jones,” calling and asking people to bring $900 to pay for missed jury duty. The victim, in this case, lost $1,800 Spanish Fork Police said.

UCSO says another victim lost $4,500 to “fix her infected computer.” Her computer wasn’t infected.

In a statement, UCSO says:

“If someone calls saying you have a warrant or you owe money, it is okay to call law enforcement to see if you DO have a warrant.”

For residents who do have a warrant, UCSO has employees who call as a reminder — but they never ask for money over the phone.

Just six months ago, Utah County warned residents of the same telephone scam that was gaining ground in the area.

Just last year, a man was taken into custody for his involvement in several fraud cases in Utah County. The man would walk up to his potential scam victims offering to repair auto body damage.

The man would then get paid without having done any work on his victim’s cars.