Utah County begins spraying for mosquitoes

Local News

SPANISH FORK, Utah (News4Utah) Utah County will begin wide-spread mosquito spraying Monday. 

Last year, seven people came down with West Nile Virus in Salt Lake County, the highest level since 2004.

“We try to gear up and get ready and try to get ahead of everything,” Utah County Mosquito Abatement District Director Dan Miller said

Monday afternoon, 19 mosquito traps were ready with dry ice to lure the insects. Surveillance traps showed several areas with a high level of mosquitoes around Utah County last week.

Nine spray trucks will be out at dusk up to four nights beginning this week. 

“They allow us to get the mosquitoes on the wing on the fly, they are very effective at reducing the mosquito population,” Miller said.

With the wet spring, Miller thinks it might be another busy season.

“Not everyone who is bit by a mosquito will come down with West Nile, obviously. It’s a small percentage of it. But if you talk to those people people who’ve had it, it’s a significant risk,” Miller said.

Ninety thousand mosquitoes captured last year were species known to carry West Nile Virus in nearly every test pool in the county. 

To protect yourself from West Nile Virus, wear repellant with DEET and cover up so mosquitoes don’t have an opportunity to bite. Also, drain any standing water in your yard. 

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