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Utah continues to celebrate Women’s history month

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PARK CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Besides Saint Patrick’s day, do you know what else March is known for?

Well, March is Women’s History Month! And it is the celebration of the vital role women play not only in American history but also in our communities.

As we come near the end of it, we’d like to revisit the strides Utah communities have made in an effort to shed light on the various women deserving recognition.

Back in 2020, the president of Zions Bank, Scott Anderson, commissioned a 5,000 square-foot public art piece celebrating the impact of women on the state of Utah.

The mural highlights a group of remarkable women from both past and present. The mural was created in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment.

Courtesy of Women’s mural

The woman behind the mural is Jann Haworth, who is also a Salt Lake City-based artist most known for creating The Beatles’ famous Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club album cover.

There are over 250 women depicted on the five-story art piece, which officials say celebrates the diverse contributions of women spanning the history and geography of the Beehive State.

Since its unveiling in August, the women’s mural has sparked important public conversations about impactful Utah women on and off the mural, eliciting dialogue about who else should appear among its colorful cast of characters.

Another effort made by community members is the Park City Fire Department as they highlight their female colleagues in celebration on March 19.

“March is #womenshistorymonth, the celebration of the vital role of women in American history and in our community. We are recognizing the incredible women of PCFD for their hard work and dedication to the citizens of Summit County,” writes the Park City Fire Department. “Jesica Rider has worked as an EMT for the past 18 years. Samantha Offret has worked as an EMT for the past 7 years. Margie Offret has worked as an EMT for the past 35 years.”

They add: “We are lucky to have a diverse group of individuals throughout our ranks and proud of the sacrifice they make each day. From our office personnel, EMTs, and Firefighters. We are thankful for the strong women that represent our Park City Fire District family.”

According to the United Census Bureau, National Women’s History Month can actually be traced all the way back to March 8, 1857, ‘when women from various New York City factories staged a protest over poor working conditions.’

“The first Women’s Day celebration in the United States was in 1909, also in New York City. And then more than seven decades later, Congress in 1981 established National Women’s History Week to be commemorated annually the second week of March,” they inform. “But then in 1987, Congress expanded the week to a month, and every year since has passed a resolution designating March Women’s History Month.”

Did you know?

Women alaways have the upper hand.

As of July 2019, there are 166.6 million women in the United States while there were only 161.7 million men.

And back in 2010, there were 157 million women while 151.8 million men.

Source: Vintage 2019 Population Estimates

According to the Census Bureau, ‘2:1 is the approximate ratio by which women ages 85 and older outnumbered men in 2019 in the United States.’

Source: Vintage 2019 Population Estimates

“In 2019, 33.9% of women, 25 and older had earned bachelor’s degrees or higher compared with 32.3% of men,” informs the Census bureau.

Source: 2019 and 2010 American Community Survey, 1-year estimates

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