SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – As Congressman Ben McAdam recovers from COVID-19, he said he will continue to represent Utah to pass a third health and economic recovery bill in Congress.

In a press release issued by McAdam’s office, they stated he is in close communication with his D.C. and Utah staff, Congressional leaders and Utah stakeholders on the next relief measure.

“The coronavirus outbreak is a national public health and economic crisis. Partisan proposals will do nothing to contain the spread of this virus or deliver economic security to Utahns. With the lives and livelihoods of Utah’s working families on the line, both parties must do everything possible to work together to reach bipartisan, bicameral agreement on policies going forward,” said McAdams.

The press release indicated McAdams is also working on the following measures:

  • Modify the Small Business Administration (SBA) disaster loan program, established under the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act, by making the following changes: 1) authorize states rather than counties to be designated as disaster areas, 2) increase loan amounts, 3) reduce interest rates on loans, and 4) enact other changes to make program more effective and efficient to meet evolving needs of small businesses.
  • Ensure state and local governments have the direct resources they need to respond and recover from the coronavirus emergency.
  • Increase the availability and supply of personal protective equipment for front-line health care workers
  • Expand telehealth capabilities by allowing doctors and practitioners in rural health clinics and federal-qualified community health centers to provide distant site telehealth visits to their patients under Medicare.
  • Give access to working capital to businesses of all sizes through grants or loans as needed. This will help businesses cover monthly rent, payroll, and other liabilities, and, in turn, it would help to prevent mass layoffs.
  • Provide financial institutions the ability to make good faith efforts to modify loan terms, including but not limited to fee waivers, payment dates, and deferrals without incurring penalties from regulators.

McAdams said he also supports the appointment of an independent Inspector General to provide oversight on the money’s distribution and compliance with all legal requirements.