UTAH (ABC4) – Jackie Culley sees her son in every volunteer.

In 2017, Jackie’s son Riley was diagnosed with cancer. She quickly learned how hard it could be to celebrate the holidays with something so heavy weighing on her heart.

“It’s difficult to celebrate Christmas, it’s difficult to wrap your head around Christmas gifts, and to make that a joyous occasion,” said Jackie.

That’s when Jackie’s family started “Christmas for Cancer Families.”

“He (Riley) got really involved in the process and found a lot of joy in shifting his attention onto others that were suffering,” said Jackie.

This year, the plan was to help five families, but that changed when Jackie met Darci Miller.

Living in a two-bedroom home with seven people, the Millers were in the middle of a remodel when their four-year-old Timmy was diagnosed with cancer. That put everything on hold, until Jackie talked to Lexi Walbeck with Uplift Mission, an organization that helps renovate homes for people in need and contractor Dan Paniagua with Pan Homes.

Together they started working on the home, creating an addition so each child can have their own bedroom.

Jackie says every year “Christmas for Cancer Families” works to help more families and through this mission, her son’s memory lives on.

Organizers say they hope to have the home finished in the next couple weeks, but they can always use more volunteers and donations. For more on how you can help click here.

Below is a list of people who have already helped in this endeavor:

Cindy Gatzemeir
Mandy Barlow
Andrea Lomu
Melinda Folkes
Alan Arthur & Scott Livingston with Sturdy Structures
Mike Hendrickson
Dan Hathaway
Enium Capital
Empower Solar
The Joe and Kathleen Sorenson Legacy Foundation
Steve Scheidell
Kim Rentmeister
Jaiden Olsen
Jordan and Katie Towner with Woven Nook
Sarah Davies with Piano Place
Rod Patterson
Richie with Unique Exteriors
Modern Tile
Scott Finish
Justin Finish
Darci Mock Goliath
Andrea Tuft
Bluerock Draft
Organize Simply
Hendrickson Painting Inc.
Ogden’s Flooring
Jensen Lumber
Invictus Floor Coatings
Agren Construction
Barry Bickmore with FJP
Tim Engel and Mike Falvo
Gardner Village