HARRISVILLE, Utah (ABC4 News) – The 14 Americans quarantined with COVID-19 on a cruise ship while in Japan needed a way to get back home. One business in Harrisville, Utah says it played a vital part in that process. 

HHI Corporation, a family-owned business in Utah, has provided containment boxes to transport coronavirus victims from a cruise ship in Japan back to the United States.

It’s a project that started in 2014 in this warehouse, to contain and transport those infected with Ebola. ​​

“We have about 140 of us that work here and everyone was just ecstatic seeing that we made something that maybe didn’t help preserve life, but bring somebody home, that was extremely rewarding,” said Executive Vice President of HHI Corporation, Cliff Hokanson. ​

MRIGlobal and HHI saw the opportunity to collaborate, to get patients home safely.​​

“Utah has a huge influence in the aerospace industry,” said Hokanson.  ​​

The 8-foot tall, 8-foot wide and 44-foot long boxes are suited for biological hazards and medical staff caring for patients who may have contagious pathogens.

“With the dugway proving ground this proves and showcases to the world what we can do from here in Utah with our technology,” added Hokanson.​​

The containment system comes with oxygen for those on board and decontamination capabilities.​ ​HHI plans to continue to provide isolation boxes in case of any future global outbreaks.