Utah bio tech company feverishly making flu test kits

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SALT LAKE, Utah (News4Utah) — A bio tech company here in Utah is helping hospitals across the country and the world detect the flu in an effort to save more lives.

They’ve sent out hundreds of thousands of flu test kits. Biofire at Research Park in Salt Lake has been working around the clock to fill demand, sending out flu test kits to help doctors quickly detect the flu.

Laura Hutchings keeps critical machines up and running.

“Demand right now is absolutely crazy.”

The company has supplied hospitals across the globe with more than 200,000 flu kits this month alone. That’s more than double from last year.

“This has been the busiest month in the history of Biofire Diagnostics,” said Ashley Warcup with Biofire. 

The test kit is not just for the flu.

“What’s unique about our test is with one sample we can detect 17 viruses and 4 bacteria in 45 minutes. That’s remarkable, to say, this is what’s making you sick,”said Warcup. 

Besides the different strains of the flu, the test can determine RSV or whooping cough to name a few.

“It’s empowering for the clinician, patient and parent to know this is exactly what they have.”

By testing 21 different respiratory illnesses, it takes the guesswork out for doctors, allows for faster treatment which saves lives. Biofire also produces a simpler flu test kit for clinics, doctors offices and pediatricians.

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