SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — The streets lining schools could possibly see some changes in the near future.

S.B. 105 is looking to amend current restrictions regarding the use of cameras to detect those who speed in school zones and construction sites.

If passed, authorities would use photo radar, or ‘photocops’, to detect the speed, capture an image of the vehicle, and send a traffic citation to the registered home of the vehicle.

When speaking with parents and teachers about the proposed bill, they said that speeding is definitely a problem they see in school zones.

“If there was a way that we could see and also track people who are speeding and running stop signs, I think that would be a great help to the neighborhood,” said Trina Tuakoi, a Para Educator at Roots Charter High School.

Tuakoi continued saying she’s seen firsthand how dangerous drivers have been near her school and home.

“The speed limit here used to be twenty-five but people were doing forty, fifty at the most and being a mom and having smaller kids, I don’t even let them play in the front yard anymore.”

Tuakoi said she believes cameras like these will hold people accountable. She also believes that they will help with keeping school zones safe.

I think it would be a huge difference if we could at least track that,” she said. “ If this bill gets passed it would be nice to come down on those drivers like that.”