SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – We’re all familiar with insurance – car insurane, home owner’s insurance, medical insurance.

But insurance is not just an earthly aspect.

Before Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origins passengers travel to space in July, a Utah-based insurance company that focuses on difficult risk customers wants to make sure they are protected.

“Like Bezos, we are calculated risk takers, and XINSURANCE strives to find formulated solutions for the uninsurable,” says J. Parker Lindsey, senior vice president of XINSURANCE. “We are confident we can accurately evaluate this new risk of space flight and provide quotes to and insure not only Bezos, but all future passengers of space flights.”

XINSURANCE has offered to insure Bezos and his passengers.

While NASA’s astronauts are insured through U.S. taxpayers, XINSURANCE explains Blue Origin is not legally required to offer insurance to passengers. Even Bezos, the wealthiest person in the world, could not find an insurance agency to cover the 11-minute trip.

XINSURANCE reports that, in addition to offering to insure Bezos and his passengers, they will look to offer insurance “for the budding space tourism industry in general.”

The insurance company says it specializes in helping individuals and businesses “who live a lifestyle or participate in activities that make them difficult for traditional carriers to insure.”

“It’s a risk category where there’s a need,” says Lindsay. “And we’re the right company to fill it.”

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Blue Origin’s first human flight is set for July 20, but a petition has already been circulating for Bezos to stay in space.