Utah-based company aims to produce materials on – and from – the moon

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A photo taken on May 13, 2019 shows a view of the moon in Cannes, southern France. (Photo by Laurent EMMANUEL / AFP)

PARK CITY, Utah (ABC4) – A Utah-based company is looking to expand out of this world – literally.

Uplift Aerospace, Inc., based in Park City, says it is pioneering technologies to create materials made on – and from – the surface of the moon.

“The revolutionary project will demonstrate the functionality of lunar regolith, the particles that blanket the moon, as a component in manufacturing and construction,” Uplift says.

On Tuesday, Uplift announced its move onto the public market through its acquisition by NRP Stone, Inc., a diamonds and precious metals company located near Salt Lake City.

To do this, Uplift explains an autonomous rover will be equipped to collect lunar regolith – the powdery debris covering the surface of the Moon. That rover will have a processing system to bind the debris with a proprietary material to mold a range of shapes for varied future applications.

“Using Luna-Crete™, our high-performance compound in development, Uplift aims to create the first structure ever made on the moon from lunar material.” Luna-Crete is a lunar concrete being formulated in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

The company aims to “revolutionize humanity’s connection with space and promote the conservation of Earth,” according to its site.

In 2022, Uplift reports the inaugural Capsule Collection of products is planned to launch into orbital space.

The company’s Constellation Vault, “an unparalleled platform for commercial promotion and exhibition in low Earth orbit,” will “offer patrons the exclusive opportunity to acquire coveted items via private sales and auctions in space, delivered upon return to Earth.” Later, Uplift hopes to scale its new platform to supply goods for in-space markets.

Uplift says it will accept Bitcoin and hold a small percentage of its liquid funds in cryptocurrency at first, but adds it is reviewing plans to obtain or partner with a cryptocurrency specifically tailored to serve space industries.

In the short term, the company hopes to commission and sell fine art for showcase in space and earthly collections, engage with luxury brands and designers to create and sell products, and develop and test Luna-Crete. In the long term, Uplift says it plans to commercialize in-space mining, infrastructure, manufacturing, and production technology.

For more on Uplift, click here.

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