TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (ABC4) – A Taylorsville babysitter has been charged with murder after being accused of killing a five-month-old girl she was babysitting.

Paulina Carmona-Simbron, 47, could face up to life in prison for the first degree felony charge. Carmona reportedly only started watching children “a couple of months ago” and wasn’t licensed as a caregiver for children or had any formal training in daycare. According to charging documents, Carmona let her family and neighbors know she wanted to work taking care of children.

Emergency crews responded to a call of an unresponsive infant at Carmona’s home in Taylorsville on Thursday, Oct. 13, according to the charging documents. Crews with the Unified Fire Authority (UFA) reportedly attempted to resuscitate the baby before later transporting her to Primary Children’s Hospital.

Police say the doctors found “severe retinal hemorrhaging” and “severe tearing in the brain.” Doctors told police the baby was not expected to live past 72 hours. When an officer reported this news to Carmona, police say she showed no emotional reaction and only responded with “Oh.”

The baby later died at the hospital on Friday, Oct. 14.

According to the charging document, Carmona told police there was “nothing out of the ordinary” about the baby’s behavior and that she had been acting normally all day.

Carmona reported that the baby had been dropped off at 7:30 a.m. on Oct. 13, and was placed in her playpen in the living room with her toys to play with after being fed around noon. According to Carmona, she heard the baby cough with the sound of “phlegm coming out” but when she checked, there was phlegm or vomit. Carmona said she noticed the baby cough again, and her complexion turned from white to purple.

Carmona attempted to call the baby’s mother, according to charging documents, but when she didn’t answer, paramedics were called to the residence.

According to charging documents, Carmona had only watched the baby four times prior to Oct. 13, and the baby had cried or whimpered when she was hungry, but otherwise she had no trouble with the baby.

The baby’s parents told police during one of the prior babysitting sessions, the baby came home with a bruise on her check. When asked, Carmona said it had come from lying face down on a toy. A doctor with Primary Children’s said “bruising in an infant is uncommon and does not typically result from benign handling.” According to the doctor, the bruise would not have come from lying down prone, even if over a toy.

Persecutors have requested Carmona be held without bail.