Utah artist creates viral painting after Las Vegas shooting

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SOUTH JORDAN, Utah (ABC 4 News) – Angela Reichman was overwhelmed by grief after the deadly shooting in Las Vegas.

“I needed to put that grief somewhere,” said Reichman, an artist.

Words didn’t seem adequate.

“I can post on Facebook what I think of the events, but that, to me, just adds to the noise,” said Reichman.

So instead, she retreated to the silence of her garage studio to reflect — and to paint.

“I just sat down and cried, and cried. Just thinking of all those people that were killed. And had no way to know what would be happening,” said Reichman.

“I wanted to provide something that would help comfort everybody,” she added.

The painting is called The Homecoming.

On her Instagram page, she described it this way:

“My soul is screaming in a cacophony of noise and emotion as I try to understand and cope with all the many recent tragedies at home and abroad. My opinions will only add to the noise, and so instead I turn to my palette and the Spirit for comfort. It is my belief that when a person’s spirit is taken from this earth, that they are welcomed back to their heavenly home by not just God, but those who they knew and loved during their life that passed before them. Here, the departed family, friends, and perhaps ancestors pull their loved ones from the darkness and chaos into light and peace.”

On Tuesday, she reflected on the painting that has garnered so much attention online.

“I really believe that God prepared those angels to welcome their loved ones,” said Reichman.

“I think they would want to tell the people they left behind that they are in a good place.”

Reichman will be making prints of the painting and selling them at cost in November.


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