SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The average price of regular-grade gasoline has jumped six cents over the past two weeks, hitting $3.31 per gallon.

The Associated Press reports this price for gas is $1.07 more than one year ago. Industry analyst Trilby Lundberg of the Lundberg Survey says the rise comes as the cost of crude oil increases and demand goes up in Europe, where refineries are switching from burning gas to oil-based fuels.

Nationally, the highest price of regular-grade gas is in San Francisco Bay Area at $4.55 per gallon while the lowest is in Houston at $2.77 per gallon. These cities are found in the states – California and Texas – with the highest and lowest prices for gas, respectively.

The national average price of regular-grade gasoline with a state-by-state breakdown, as of Oct. 11, 2021. (AAA)

California’s average price for regular-grade gas is $4.44 as of October 11, according to AAA. States in the west – as well as Alaska and Hawaii – make up the top ten list for the most expensive average price of gas. Among those is Utah, reporting an average price of $3.69, which is the eighth highest in the nation. Utah comes in behind Alaska at $3.70 and ahead of Colorado at $3.53.

According to AAA, Utah’s current average price of regular-grade gas is $1.30 higher than it was a year ago – $2.39. While Utah’s current average price at $3.69 feels high, it is below the highest recorded average price of $4.22, AAA reports.

AAA includes the average regular-grade gas price of five Utah metropolitan areas:

  1. St. George: $3.79
  2. Logan: $3.72
  3. Ogden: $3.70
  4. Salt Lake City: $3.67
  5. Provo/Orem: $3.61

In Utah, the cheapest gas prices are within counties across the northwest corner and south into central Utah. The county with the cheapest gallon of gas, according to AAA, is Sevier County at $3.51 with Tooele County close behind at $3.58. Residents in Daggett County are seeing the highest average price of gas at $3.95, AAA reports, while residents in Garfield County are seeing the second-highest at $3.94.

AAA shares this map below of the average price of regular-grade gas in Utah:

The average price of regular-grade gasoline in Utah as of Oct. 11, 2021. (AAA)

Here is a county-by-county ranking of gas prices, cheapest to most expensive in Utah, courtesy of AAA:

Sevier: $3.51Tooele: $3.58
Utah: $3.61Carbon: $3.62
Box Elder: $3.65Duchesne: $3.66
Emery: $3.67Juab: $3.68
Salt Lake: $3.68Sanpete: $3.69
Davis: $3.70Weber: $3.70
Millard: $3.71Cache: $3.72
Piute: $3.74Grand: $3.75
Iron: $3.75San Juan: $3.75
Uintah: $3.76Wasatch: $3.77
Rich: $3.79Washington: $3.79
Summit: $3.84Kane: $3.85
Morgan: $3.87Wayne: $3.88
Beaver: $3.93Garfield: $3.94
Daggett: $3.95

Gas prices hit a seven-year high for Labor Day travel in September, averaging $3.11 a gallon.