UPDATED: 7/4/22 Monday 7:42 p.m.

LOGAN, Utah (ABC4) – Police have arrested a man who allegedly was distributing pornographic material on the Utah State University campus and exposing himself to students there.

Anderson Bectemba Barnes, 44, was arrested on USU’s campus on Sunday when a witness spotted him on the campus near a bus stop, arrest records state.

Police detained Barnes when they recognized him as the suspect due to the descriptions found in the video on his prior visits. Barnes was also seen wearing the same style of clothing seen in prior incidents.

Barnes had a plastic bag next to him and inside of the bag were 10 papers folded in half with pornographic images.

Barnes also gave a false name — Bryan Timothy Shavers — to the police. When they ran the name, there were no returns to validate his identity. Barnes then told police that he has an ID card out of Nevada.

Police were able to conduct a search on Barnes’ current Logan residence and they found the same clothing from prior incidences as well as other evidence tying him to the case.

Barnes admitted to the police that it was him in the photos.

Officers also found a backpack belonging to Barnes tucked under a tree with 131 folded papers with similar images and texts with sexual references matching those of the prior incident and a handgun, police say.

After looking into the false name Barnes gave, police were able to locate his real name and real address which is in California.

ORIGINAL STORY: USU search for man accused of lewdness on campus

LOGAN, Utah (ABC4) – Utah State University (USU) Police are asking for the public’s help with identifying a man who is wanted for questioning related to lewdness and distribution of pornographic material on the school’s campus.

On June 17, the man left a note with a pornographic image taped to a woman’s car in the area of Old Main. University officials say the man was also observed on campus between 10 a.m. and 1:43 p.m.

On June 25, an individual near the Family Life building observed the same man standing. The man reportedly had his shorts down and was exposing himself.

The following day, the person who reported the lewdness on June 26 told officials that the same male suspect was near the Agricultural Science Building. That person returned to the car and found a note taped to their car with a pornographic image — the same image from June 17.

USU police say each time the suspect arrived on campus, he changed his clothes into shorts. He carried a black backpack with white writing on the front, and it appeared to have something white on the left strap with the adjuster.

Community members with any information regarding the incidents are asked to contact Detective Nick Bowman at USU Police at 435-797-1939.