UPDATE: Burglar who ransacked home while 12 year old boy slept arrested

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UPDATE: Police have arrested a man suspected in the burglary of a West Jordan home while a 12-year-old slept downstairs. 

The suspect, Thomas Arzon, 32,  was taken into custody Monday night by the US Marshalls and transported to West Jordan Police for questioning. Mr Arzon was later booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on outstanding warrants along with new burglary/theft charges.

Mr. Arzon was wanted from out of state as well.


WEST JORDAN (News4Utah) – A shaken family is hoping the man captured by surveillance cameras breaking into their house will soon be captured by police.

The Swain’s son was home and their surveillance system was recording as Jeremy and Mindy left for work around 9:20 Wednesday morning – then a white Chevrolet Cavalier pulls into their driveway, driven by a burglar.

Detective Brett Madsen of the West Jordan Police Department doesn’t know why the man targeted the Swains.

“It’s unknown at this time why he picked this specific house,” Det. Madsen said. “He did arrive at the home within about a minute of two after the homeowners had left.”

Meaning he likely had been watching the Swains but as he smoked and tried the front door, he was unaware that the couple’s 12 year old son was recovering from foot surgery and sleeping in a downstairs bedroom.

The Swains say the man used a door to enter their garage. Then came in, grabbed a broom and broke out the doggy door to get into their house.

After using the broom handle to unlock the door, he ransacked the house, possibly even looking in at the Swain’s son as he slept.

“I don’t feel safe when someone’s watching me which I don’t know,” the boy told News4Utah. “So it could have gone worse.”

“It’s hard to describe how much my blood is boiling,” Mindy Swain said.

Mindy says the thief tried to get a safe before leaving with several items including computers and jewelry. Her son woke up later to find the house trashed.

“Watching the surveillance video, watching his facial expressions, he looks like he has so much confidence like “Ooo I just broke into their house I’m going to you know, totally score’,” Mindy said. “It just really, really affects me as a mom thinking I’m not safe.”

Now she wants you to take a good look at the guy and if you know who he is, hopes you’ll call West Jordan Police at 801-840-4000.

“I hope that somebody will recognize him,” Mindy said. “They’ll contact the police and they’ll be able to put him behind bars where he belongs.”

The Swains apparently were not that man’s only victims Wednesday morning. Police say another nearby house was burglarized just before he hit theirs  and a third house soon after.

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