WOODS CROSS (ABC4 News) – A scary situation for any driver. A mattress flew off the back of a trailer, hitting the car behind it and setting off a chain of events that would damage three vehicles and cause hours of delays for other drivers.

It comes one day after an unsecured mattress causes an accident involving four vehicles on I-15 at 2600 South in Woods Cross.

“The pickup truck was towing a trailer,” said Sgt. Nathan Croft of Utah Highway Patrol. “A mattress came off the trailer. A Toyota vehicle hit that mattress. It caused it to hit another vehicle. They both spun around. Luckily, there was very minor injuries. Nobody was transported.”

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt, but there were major delays.
“We do have a lot of people who lose parts of their load,” said Sgt. Croft. “It’s windier on the freeway than people think it is.” 

The accident comes just a matter of days after UHP released a video for June 6th which was “Secure Your Load Day.”

In the video, Cpl. Chris Jones of the Utah Highway Patrol said, “Make sure you secure your load no matter how far you’re going. It’s your obligation as a driver to make sure the things in your car stay in your car.”
UHP says calls for road debris are one of the most common calls for service they receive.

Just last month, ABC4 spoke to Nicci Sanders of Layton.
It’s after Sanders narrowly escaped death when a steel beam rammed through her windshield from another driver’s unsecured load on I-15.

“It was the first time in my whole life I ever thought I am going to die,” said Sanders. “It was like a shotgun went off next to my head. Just an explosion of glass.” 

UHP says in the last three years, they’ve responded to more than 26,000 calls each year for road debris.

Just before 1 p.m. Saturday on I-15 at 2600 South, a truck pulling a trailer lost a mattress that the Utah Highway Patrol said had not been secured properly.

A driver in a Toyota RAV4 hit the loose mattress and lost control.

car damaged in crash caused by unsecured mattress
Car’s front end damage from crash caused by unsecured mattress on i15 Saturday.

The Toyota then hit a Mercedes that was driving one lane to the left.

This sent both cars into a counterclockwise spin. Finally, they came to a stop facing oncoming traffic.

Car damaged in crash caused by unsecured mattress
Hitting unsecured mattress sent two cars spinning into oncoming traffic.

That’s when another car on the interstate also hit the mattress, causing some minor damage, according to UHP.

Troopers say emergency responders treated injuries at the scene of the crash, but they didn’t take anyone to the hospital.

The crash, involving four vehicles and damaging at least three, backed up I-15 for hours Saturday, causing major traffic delays.

Troopers cited the driver of the truck hauling the mattress with failure to secure their load.

truck carrying unsecured mattress that cause crash
Driver of truck hauling unsecured mattress, seen here after crash, cited by UHP.

Utah Highway Patrol recently reminded drivers to secure their loads in a video released Thursday.

ABC4 spoke to Nicci Sanders of Layton after a large steel beam hit her car and went through her windshield while she was driving on I-15.

steel beam hits car and goes through windshield into woman's front seat
Unsecured steal beam hit Sanders’ car, bursting through her windshield.

Utah Highway Patrol Troopers said calls for road debris are one of the most frequent calls they get, and over the past three years, Troopers have “logged time responding to road debris/hazards over 78,000 times,” an average of 71 times a day.

In 2018 alone, troopers responded to more than 26,000 calls on debris in the roadway.

Your first citation for not securing your load will cost you a fine of $200. A second citation within three years of the first is a $500 fine. If the violation causes serious damage or injuries, you could be charged with a misdemeanor under Utah law.

The Utah Dept. of Public Safety has tips for properly securing your load on their website.