SOUTH WEBER, Utah (ABC4) – Who’s up for some fried snake?

Fire officials have found the unlikely culprit that caused a power outage in South Weber over Independence Day weekend — a very sneaky snake.

“While it’s difficult to see, the area circled in the picture is that of a 🐍. You read that right.. a snake,” the department said in a Facebook post.

As seen in this photo posted by the South Weber Fire Department, a snake had somehow slithered its way into a power source, causing the outage, which impacted several residents across the area.

Courtesy of South Weber Fire Department

Rocky Mountain Power officials worked to remove the unfortunately now deceased snake before power was restored to the area.

One social media user asked the department what kind of snake caused the outage, to which they replied:

“Unfortunately we aren’t sure, he was beyond recognition. Was a crispy critter!”