University of Utah to become ‘living laboratory’ for tech companies

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SALT LAKE CITY (New4Utah)- The University of Utah has officially been deemed a “living laboratory” for tech companies.

The PAWR Project Office has selected the U and Rice University in Houston as a sort of research test bed. The organization will give the U of U $17.5 million and up to $10 mill ion equipment and services to build and operate the platform. the platforms is a facility knows as POWDER-Platform for Open Wireless Data-driven Experimental Research.

So what does that mean? Soon the future’s most cutting-edge research will be done right here in Salt Lake City.

“Our idea here is to really be able to support platforms–test beds if you will–that will allow researchers to be able to experiment with wireless networking in the wild. At the scale of cities and communities,” Erwin Gianchandani, the National Science Foundation Deputy Assistant Director for Computer and Information Science and Engineering said.

The SLC platform will cover 2.3 square miles of the university campus, 1.2 square miles of downtown, with a two-mile corridor in between. The National Science Foundation says the corridor will reach up to 40,000. Take a look at current blueprints here.

Companies like  AT&T, Verizon, Ericsson, Nokia, and Qualcomm can use this platform to test their mobile and wireless technologies of the next five to seven years. The goal is to advance the state of the art for wireless technology beyond today’s 4G, LTE, and emerging 5G capabilities.

For more information about POWDER click here.

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