SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News)- Officials at the University of Utah released the audio recordings from the phone calls made between Lauren McCluskey, her mother, and University Police before she was murdered.

The first nine recordings occurred two weeks before she was murdered, on Oct. 10, 2018. Jill McCluskey, Lauren’s mom, called the University Police to escort her daughter as she picked up her car from her ex Melvin Rowland (the man accused of her murder). Jill explained she was worried for her daughter’s safety during the exchange and asked if an officer could escort her.

When the University police called Lauren she said she was uncomfortable with the idea of an officer escorting her and asked them to instead just stay in the area where she will be meeting Rowland. 

Later Lauren called back and said her plans changed and asked if an officer can still escort her.

Two days later Lauren called back. She explained to the dispatcher she had called before but something else has happened in her situation. She said she had been receiving text messages from various numbers and that she suspected the person contacting her was her ex and that he was trying to lure her.

The next day, October 13th, Lauren called to explain another development.

“I’m being blackmailed for money…a photo of me and my ex..they’re threatening to send it out to everyone and he’s asking for $1,000,” she said to the dispatcher.

The dispatcher asked Lauren several more questions and told her an officer will call her shortly.

Later that night the Salt Lake Police Department transfer a call from Lauren to University Police. 

Lauren said she had called 911 because she was concerned and thought that may help speed things up.

“Do you know when an arrest will be made?” Lauren asked.

The dispatcher told her an officer would contact her.

A week later, the Salt Lake City Police Dispatch received another call from Lauren. In that phone call she explained she was concerned because she contacted the University Police but never heard back.

Two days later on the night of her murder, a Washington Police dispatcher transfers a 911 call from Matt McCluskey, Lauren’s dad to University police.

“Hi…my daughter Lauren McCluskey was talking to her mom and then she just started saying ‘No, No, No, No, No’ and it sounded like someone might have been grabbing her or something,” he said.

During the phone call, a detective that was investigating Lauren’s case walks into the room and talks to the dispatcher that was speaking with McCluskey’s dad.

There is a lot of chatter and then Lauren’s dad tells the dispatcher someone picked up Lauren’s phone and spoke with his wife. The woman on the phone had stumbled upon Lauren’s phone and backpack


Lauren’s body would later be discovered in the backseat of a vehicle. Hours later Melvin Rowland reportedly killed himself inside of a local church.

All of the phone calls can be heard here.